Breathing New Life: Conquering COPD with Lifestyle Overhaul and Natural Aids

Breathing New Life: Conquering COPD with Lifestyle Overhaul and Natural Aids

By: Tine van der Maas

COPD has got two culprits behind it: chronic bronchitis and emphysema. While we often link emphysema to smoking, there's also a non-smoking variant. But let's focus on the smoking-related one, as it's the ringleader for many.

Content List

  • Introduction to COPD and Its Effects
  • The Smoking Connection: A Personal COPD Story
  • Stamping Out Cigarettes: The First Step
  • Trimming Down: Weight Loss for Lung Health
  • Herbal Helpers: Ginger and Marijuana Tea
  • Unwinding: Stress Relief for Better Breathing
  • Oxygenating with Cell Food: A Supplemental Breath of Fresh Air
  • Conclusion: Embracing Change for Easier Breaths

My Father's Victory Over COPD: A War Child's Tale

My father, a towering figure at 6'8", was a chain smoker post-World War II—thanks to the cigarettes handed out liberally by liberating forces. Eventually, his habit caught up with him, leading to emphysema and the tell-tale 'barrel chest.' But here's where the story takes a turn.

The Climb: Steps to Overcoming COPD

He was in and out of the hospital, each visit darker than the last. Fear of suffocating was his companion until, one day, he decided enough was enough. Dropping cigarettes like a hot potato, he was ready for a change.

Fighting the Bulge: The Importance of Weight Loss in COPD

With COPD, every extra pound can feel like a boulder on your chest. My dad had to lose the weight that was quite literally crushing his lungs. And with a mix of nutrition and determination, he started shedding the pounds.

Ginger and Marijuana Tea: Breathing's New Best Friends

Enter ginger and marijuana tea—nature's own airway relaxers. My dad kept ginger in his pocket and marijuana tea in the fridge, ready to sip his way out of breathlessness. No highs, just relief.

Stress: The Invisible Enemy of the Lungs

Stress can tighten the lungs like a vice. My strategy? Keep calm with a steaming mug of marijuana tea by my dad's side to fend off those stress-induced fits.

Cell Food: A Breath of Fresh Air in a Bottle

Cell food came into the picture, turning my dad's gray pallor to a healthy pink. It wasn't a miracle drug, but it sure worked like one, increasing the oxygen his blood could carry.


COPD doesn't have to be a life sentence. Through my father's journey, we discovered unconventional but effective ways to fight back. Whether it's kicking a smoking habit, slimming down, sipping on nature's remedies, or finding supplements like cell food, there's hope for better breathing and a fuller life.

10 Key Points

  1. COPD commonly results from smoking-related chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
  2. Personal determination plays a significant role in overcoming the challenges of COPD.
  3. Quitting smoking is a critical step in managing COPD.
  4. Weight loss, particularly around the abdomen, can alleviate COPD symptoms.
  5. Natural remedies like ginger and marijuana tea can ease breathing difficulties.
  6. Managing stress is essential for preventing exacerbations of COPD symptoms.
  7. Supplements like cell food can improve oxygen delivery in the blood.
  8. Lifestyle changes are paramount in improving the quality of life for COPD patients.
  9. COPD relief requires a holistic approach, addressing both physical and emotional health.
  10. The journey to COPD relief is personal and can lead to significant improvements in mobility and independence.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it really possible to find relief from COPD?

A: Absolutely! While there's no outright cure, many folks have found ways to ease the symptoms and improve their quality of life. It's all about taking the right steps—quitting smoking, staying active, and sometimes getting a little help from Mother Nature.

Q: Can natural remedies really make a difference in COPD?

A: They sure can. Things like ginger and marijuana tea have helped open airways and reduce inflammation, offering some breath-saving relief.

Q: What role does weight loss play in managing COPD?

A: Dropping those extra pounds, especially around the midsection, can reduce the pressure on the lungs, making every breath easier.

Q: Is cell food safe for everyone with COPD?

A: While it boosts oxygen in the blood, it's always smart to chat with your healthcare provider before adding any new supplement to your routine.

Keep tuning in, Truehealing warriors, for more stories of triumph over lung-health hurdles. Here's to breathing easy and embracing every breath as a gift!


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